From stories of creative Artificial Intelligence to documenting underground music in Tokyo, Oscillator Media produces innovative and evocative documentaries.

Automatic On The Road

Documentary produced by Oscillator Media and Dolby Laboratories in collaboration with Google's Artists and Machine Intelligence. Technologist Ross Goodwin takes his creative writing Artificial Intelligence robot car across-country to write its version of the archetypal American literary road trip. What does creative authorship mean for AI?

Premiered at ARS Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria and nominated for 'Best Documentary Short' at RiverRun Film Festival.

The Prodigy

Documentary for OUTSIDE MAGAZINE.

Tyler "The Prodigy" Lau set out to be the first person of color to complete what's known in hiking as the Calendar-Year Triple Crown. To promote diversity in the outdoors, Tyler attempted to hike the 8000 mile journey of the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail all within a year.


MVD Entertainment - 78min

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Live From Tokyo takes the viewer through the back streets in Shinjuku, the intersections in Shibuya, the alleys in Koenji, and all over Tokyo, as it highlights the innovative musicians that create the multi-faceted underground music scene.

Live From Berlin


The follow up short documentary to the feature LIVE FROM TOKYO examines the whirlwind underground world of art and culture in Berlin.