Music Composing

Oscillator Media has composed evocative score for numerous films and television series appearing on HBO, VICELAND, MTV and Dolby Laboratories to name a few.  The original score composed by Lewis Rapkin for Automatic On The Road was among the first musical recordings ever to be mixed in Dolby Atmos surround sound. Listen below.


Automatic On The Road (Dolby Labs)

Original music composed for the documentary "Automatic On The Road" produced in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories.  Among the first music recordings to ever be mixed in Atmos at Dolby HQ in San Francisco.


States of Undress (VICELAND)

Music for international fashion and politics series on VICELAND.

Libyas Quiet War2.png

Libya's Quiet War (VICE News)

Original score for VICE News documentary about the Tuareg in South Libya. 


Vice on HBO

Various music selections for the Emmy winning series on HBO.



Music for various shows across VICELAND television network.